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Charred Brussels Sprouts $12

Applewood smoked bacon, pistachios, green garlic dressing, balsamic vinegar reduction, watermelon radish

Scallop Crudo $14

raw scallop, avocado,cucumber relish, watermelon radish, grapefruit

Ravioli $12

Roasted veggies, parmesan, ricotta, herb butter sauce, shaved pecorino cheese

Duck Fat Fried Potatoes $12

Fingerling potatoes, poached egg, pork cracklins, tarragon onion dip

Asian Style Ribs $14

Ponzu sauce, peanuts, celery, carrots

Beef in the Raw $14

Raw beef tenderloin, capers, anchovies, pecorino cheese, lemon aioli, frisee

Pot Stickers $12

Pork, ginger, ponzu sauce, cucumber, peanuts

Bread with Black Garlic Afo Sauce $8

Sourdough loaf, dipping oil with green onion, red pepper, black & white garlic

Gumbo $7 Bowl / $4 Cup

Roasted chicken, andouille sausage

Soup the the Day $7 Bowl / $4 Cup

Chef's selection

Wedge Salad $7

Iceberg lettuce, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes, green onions, bacon, ranch dressing

Side Salad $7

Greens, spinach, bleu cheese crumbles, avocado, figs, candied walnuts, Fuji apples, tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette

Farm Egg Salad $12

Soft crispy fried egg, duck fried potatoes, greens, pickled green tomatoes, bacon, black garlic dressing

Beet Salad $12

Golden & red beets, greens, roasted carrots, Fuji apple, candied walnuts, bleu cheese mousse